All application forms must be accompanied by the relevant check sheet.

Building consent forms

See types of building projects for information on specific projects.

Form Type Title PDF Word
B-002 Application form Application for Building Consent and/or PIM (Form 2) 705KB 713KB
B-002H Application form Application for Solid/Liquid Fuel Heating Appliance Consent (Form 2) 229KB 677KB
B-004 Application form Application for an Exemption from Building Consent 122KB  
B-011 Application form Application for a Code Compliance Certificate (Form 6) 246KB  
B-013 Application form Application for a Certificate for Public Use (Form 15) 146KB 462KB
B-014 Application form Withdrawal Request of a PIM and/or Building Consent Application 123KB 385KB
B-021 Application form Application for a Certificate Of Acceptance (Form 8) 89KB  
B-031 Application form Application for Amendment to a Compliance Schedule (Form 11) 120KB 440KB
B-032 Certificate Certificate of Compliance with Inspection, Maintenance and Reporting Procedures (Form 12A) 6.5KB 40KB
B-040 Request form Property File Request 62KB  
B-042 Application form Application for a Common Drain Connection   378KB
B-052 Check sheet Backflow Prevention Device 191KB  
B-053 Compliance Statement Marquee and Temporary Building 301KB  
B-054 Check sheet Swimming, Spa Pools and Associated Fences Currently under review
B-055 Check sheet Solar Water Heater 65KB 432KB
B-061 Check sheet Project Information Memorandum (PIM) 220KB 347KB
B-062 Check sheet Single Residential Dwelling and Accessory building application check sheet 91KB 525kB
B-063  Check sheet Commercial Building Consent 107KB 590KB
B-065 Check sheet Accessible Facilities Report Template 107KB 669KB
B-068 Template Section 2: Listed Specified System 117KB  
B-069 Guide Specified Systems Specific Design Information 35KB 301KB

Building inspections

Form Type Title PDF Word
  Online form Book an inspection online    
B-081 Certificate Building Location Certificate 177KB  112KB
B-385  Guidance Notes  Building Location Certificate Guidance Notes  164KB   
B-082 Construction Statement Pressure Sewer System   327KB
B-083 Construction Statement Solid/Liquid Fuel Heating Appliance 41KB 540KB
B-084 Construction statement Pipework Testing 38KB 394KB
B-085 Producer statement Construction (PS3) 28KB 149KB
B-086 Producer statement Design (PS1) 29KB 336KB
B-087 Producer statement Design Review (PS2) 29KB 334KB
B-088 Producer statement Construction Review (PS4) 28KB 324KB
B-091   Stormwater Disposal Tests 87KB  
B-306 Guidance Notes  Residential Building Inspection Guidelines 5.1MB