This allows for the sale or drinking of alcohol at events. It is normally used to temporarily extend the hours or the area of a premises currently licensed, or to licence one-off events where no licence is currently held.

A Special Licence is valid for the particular event, or series of linked events, or social gathering, specified in the licence.

Do I need a Special Licence for my event?

A Special Licence may be required if alcohol is part of your event, e.g. if alcohol is being sold, or if your event is ticketed and alcohol is consumed at the event.

Use our Special Licence flowchart [PDF 28KB] to check if you need a Special Licence for your event.

What about BYO?

In general BYO is permitted at private functions such as Weddings and Birthdays. A Special Licence generally is not required for this type of function.

For other events BYO may not be a permitted activity (i.e. is unlawful). An alcohol licence might be required. Find out more about whether you require a Special Licence by referring to the flow chart link above. Please note that a Special Licence does not authorise BYO.

Please ensure that you check licensing requirements with the Alcohol Licensing Team and lodge your applications well in advance of your event date and before you advertise your event, because:

  • we need to enquire into how you will be running and managing your event, and
  • you will want the security of knowing whether you will have a Special Licence granted.

Hiring a Christchurch City Council facility for your event?

Please note that if you are hiring a Council facility and are required to have a Special Licence for alcohol but do not apply for one and have it granted, you risk having your facilities booking cancelled.

Apply for a Special Licence

Download and complete a Special Licence (on site and off site) application form [PDF 2.2MB]

Applications must be lodged at least 20 working days before the date of the event. Applications received outside this deadline may not be accepted by the District Licensing Committee (DLC) for consideration.

Please read the checklist on the form to make sure you include all the extra documents we need with your application. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Series of events: If you wish to apply for a number of events on one application, these events must be linked in some way, e.g. a series of related meetings; a series of related match dates for a club's sports season.

Short notice applications

Short notice applications (less than 20 working days before the event date) must be accompanied by a letter explaining the reason for lateness for District Licensing Committee (DLC) consideration. You need to have a good reason as the Act refers to the reason for the lateness "could not reasonably have been foreseen earlier". 

If your reason for lateness is not accepted by the DLC your application will not proceed further.  Please note that application fees are non-refundable.

Please note that the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990, referring to Easter Sunday trading, does not override the requirements for the sale of alcohol under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and the requeiremtns for a special licence on sacrosanct days.


View the Alcohol licensing fees [PDF 97KB]. The fees for processing your application are non-refundable, and must be paid when you apply for your licence.  Please note that application fees are non-refundable.

Host responsibility and alcohol at events

As a Host, regardless of whether your event requires a special licence or not, you still have a responsibility to ensure that you're providing a safe drinking environment at your event.  This means  creating a responsible drinking environment and looking our for your guests, by ensuring the planning for management of how you're going to run your event includes:

  • Setting drinking expectations in advance with those attending
  • Keeping an eye on alcohol intake of guests
  • Providing food and water
  • Focusing activity on the social aspect of the occasion
  • Looking after your guests

Tips on good host responsibility can be found at:

Further information

These documents give more information about applying for and holding a special licence: