Setting up a new mobile food cart will mean dealing with a number of different departments at Council and other agencies.

They may be able to offer technical advice or information to help you decide whether to proceed with your business.

Christchurch City Council

Contact us on (03) 941 8999 and ask for the specific unit. 

Inspections and Enforcement Unit

  • Health Licensing Team for further information on premises construction,standards and hygiene matters, moveable food premises and signs
  • Enforcement Team for information on Bylaws and Signs
  • Hazardous Substances Section if your business involves the storage and/or supply of gas for cooking or heating water.

Property Unit

  • For advice on sites on streets.

Transport & Greenspace and Marketing Units

  • For advice about sites in parks or reserves and Council organised events.

Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre

For advice on setting up and developing a small business (03)366 9978.

Department of Labour

Occupational Safety and Health – for advice on Health and Safety in Employment requirements 0800 20 90 20.