If hazardous substances are stored at your business, it is important that all rules are followed.

worker in protection clothing filling a large drum with a hazardous substanceThis is to ‘protect the environment, and the health and safety of people and communities, by preventing or managing the adverse affects of
hazardous substances and new organisms’, which the EPA states as the purpose of HSNO law.

Your business premises must have the following:

  • hazardous materials spill control measures
  • methods of safely and effectively containing leaks
  • a plan for making employees aware of various containment techniques
  • operational procedures that place an emphasis safety and
  • hands-on practice.

Your responsibility also includes carrying out risk assessment which involves looking at:

  • the use, handling, generation, release of hazardous substances
  • who might be affected and likely exposure level/extent
  • nature of exposure (breathing in, swallowing, skin absorption, environmental impact)
  • current measures to prevent or control exposure effectiveness and use
  • accidental leakage, spillage or release
  • cleaning and maintenance operations

These rules will ensure your employees and public safety. Awareness of and complance with the rules is key to preventing incidents when managing hazardous substances.