Check for recent amendments to the Approved Materials List or apply for inclusion.

Apply for inclusion

Applications for inclusion can be made by emailing

Include the following information:

  1. A completed spreadsheet using this application template  [XLSX, 9.5 KB][XLS 10KB] detailing the materials for which an application is being made.
  2. Proof of manufacture to the appropriate New Zealand/Australian standard/s, or appropriate world standard if NZS/AS not available. This shall be in the form of a third party product accreditation system such as Standards Mark/Water Mark or an independent audit of a testing regime as defined by certain standards.
  3. Proof of the manufacturers/suppliers quality management system certified as complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management systems – Requirements."
  4. Proof that the supplier/manufacturer meets the CCC specific Performance Standards.

Where there is no Australian, New Zealand, or International standard applicable to a product, then Council shall require appraisal by a national body such as Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), but this will not replace the Australian/New Zealand standard where one exists.

Council may consider accepting the application of Q-Base quality management systems to small New Zealand manufacturing businesses, where appropriate to the scale of manufacture, risk and supply.

Where the material is deemed ‘Low Risk’ by Council, a reduced level of documentation may be acceptable, Quality Assurance for the Manufacture of Low Risk Approved Materials [PDF, 69 KB] [PDF 69KB].

Where the manufacturer uses a third party accrediting agency which provides continuous certificates:

  • The certificate will be taken as applying for one year, and will require resubmission two months prior to the re-approval date
  • The letter for re-approval must provide confirmation from the third party accrediting agency that a number of audits have taken place over the previous 12 months, with no failures and that the accrediting agency and the manufacturer have an agreement in place to continue the audits through the next 12 months.

Some Performance Standards may refer to Christchurch City Council Design Memos. These Design Memos are provided within this website.

All suppliers and manufacturers will have the right of appeal. This will involve presenting to Christchurch City Council personnel and potentially a trial of the material within Christchurch City limits prior to approval.

Maintaining current approvals

To maintain an approval by updating a certificate or schedule, the supplier or manufacturer shall provide current information two months prior to expiry of that certificate or schedule.

Applications for updating can be made by emailing If the information is not received before this time, the application for approval of that product will revert to being a new approval application with the corresponding timing as set out above.

On the suppliers screen, in our online search tool, the approval status is denoted by the ‘Certificate Status’ coloured lights:

  • Green – the quality assurance and auditing certificates are current
  • Yellow – the quality assurance or auditing certificates will expire within the next 6 months. The material’s approval will lapse at that date unless new certificates are received
  • Red – the material is not approved as quality assurance or auditing certificates have expired.

Current updates and amendments

Current Approved Materials List Amendments

Update date Standard application Product type Component Material Details of amendment
19/04/2017 Water Supply (Pressure) Pipe Fitting - Tee Mechanical for PE PP/POM

Component changed

19/04/2017 Water Supply (Pressure) Valves Sluice Valve Ductile Iron (DI)

Performance requirements updated - End Configuration

19/04/2017 Wastewater (Pressure) Valves Sluice Valve Ductile Iron (DI)

Performance requirements updated - End Configuration

19/04/2017 Wastewater (Pressure) Pipe Fitting - Coupler Mechanical for PE Ductile Iron (DI)

Component changed

14/06/2016 Stormwater (Gravity) Sump Single Grey Cast Iron T220

Component changed

Performance requirements updated - Dimensions, Performance Capacity

14/06/2016 Stormwater (Gravity) Sump Cycle Safe Sump Grate and Frame Ductile Iron (DI) New material
14/06/2016 Wastewater (PSS) Valve Sulice Ductile Iron (DI) Component changed
14/06/2016 Wastewater (Vacuum) Pipe fitting-bend Post formed Polyethylene New material
14/06/2016 Wastewater (Vacuum) Pipe Pipe Polyethylene Performance requirements updated - Sizes
14/06/2016 Wastewater (Pressure) Pipe Pipe Ductile Iron Performance requirements updated - Pressure
05/05/2016 Water Supply (Pressure) Street furniture Fire hydrant box and lid Ductile Iron Performance requirements updated - Other