All pipeline CCTV inspections required by the CSS are to be carried out in accordance with:

  • the most recent version of the Christchurch City Council Specification ‘CCTV for Christchurch City Council Earthquake Recovery’, and
  • the ‘New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual’ 3rd Edition (NZPIM). 

The order of precedence shall be:

  1. CCTV for Christchurch City Council Earthquake Recovery (Version 9) [PDF, 381 KB]
  2. NZPIM General Specification
  3. Other provisions in NZPIM.

Frequently encountered problems in as-built CCTV and Council's expectations are covered in this Guidance Notes: CCC As-Built CCTV Inspections [PDF, 22 KB].

The CCTV guidelines apply from 1 September 2014 onwards.

The summary sheet templates [DOC, 92 KB] referred to in the guidance notes are available as a Word document.

The pipe repair summary report template [DOCX, 51 KB] referred to in the CCTV Specification is available as a Word document.

Supplementary to the above CCTV Specification there is guidance on the assessment and coding of lined pipe condition, Guidelines for As-Built CCTV Inspections of Lined and Rehabilitated Pipes V3 [PDF, 5.7 MB].