To apply for a resource consent, you or your agent will need to complete an application form and provide all of the necessary supporting information.

Refer to Preparing your application to check you have all the supporting information before you submit an application.

Lodgement methods

Applications can be:

The best method of applying for resource consent is using our Online Services. You can upload your documents so this avoids scanning fees and reduces processing time. Please read this guide first: Your guide to submitting a Resource Consent application via Online Services [PDF, 2.2 MB].

Applications for resource consent from Environment Canterbury for land repair works can be submitted to the Christchurch City Council, as part of the streamlined resource consent process set up for this type of application.

Payment of fees

Processing of applications does not commence until the required fee or deposit is paid (except where the applicant has a credit arrangement with the Council). After the application has been submitted an invoice will be emailed to you with information about payment options.

Acknowledgement and acceptance check

You (or your agent) will be advised by email when your application has been received, and you will also be contacted by the planner who will process your application.

Applications are checked for completeness before they are accepted for processing. If your application is incomplete we will contact you within 10 working days to let you know what is missing.

If your application is incomplete it will not be accepted and the statutory processing timeframe will not start until the missing information has been provided.

Please note: After an application has been accepted, the Council may also request further information during processing of the application if it is needed to fully understand the proposal and the environmental effects it may generate.

Processing options

In addition to the standard resource consent process, the Council offers two special processing options:

  • The Streamline Programme  enables “Approved Consultants” to prepare and submit applications for resource consent on the applicant’s behalf in a compressed format, which can result in a quicker turnaround and lower Council processing fees
  • A fast track service [PDF, 114 KB] is available for certain types of applications. It provides a priority service for applicants who require the urgent processing of their resource consent application.

Statutory processing timeframes

The timeframe for the Council to issue a decision on a resource consent application is:

  • Non-notified application - 20 working days.
  • Limited notified application - 100 working days (approximately 4½ months)
  • Publicly notified application - 130 working days (approximately 6 months).

If no hearing is required the timeframe for notified applications is shortened.

The statutory processing 'clock' stops if the Council needs to request further information, and restarts again when the information is provided.

Building consent requirements

If your project involves building work or change of use of a building then you are likely to also need to obtain a building consent under the Building Act 2004.