Sub-city data available for the central city and for suburbs and communities.

This page provides links to demographic, household and industry data and maps for suburbs and communities within Christchurch City, including the central city.

Christchurch City does not have any official or legally defined suburb boundaries. However, Statistics New Zealand collects and produces official data for area units(external link), which generally correspond to commonly recognised suburbs and neighbourhoods. 

Central City

The 'Christchurch has a strong central city' page of our Community Outcomes Monitoring Programme provides detailed measures for:

  • A vibrant and prosperous business centre
  • More people live in the central city
  • The central city has distinctive character and identity
  • Used by a wide range of people and activities


Population data is available at the area unit (suburb) level. View map(external link) showing location of Christchurch City's area units.

Ward and Community Board

Detailed ward and community board profiles, prepared in August 2016:

  • The seven community board profiles provide high level population data, and focus on the facilities and amenities in each board.
  • The 16 ward profiles provide detailed population, family and household data based on 2013 Census data, as well as population projections out to 2043.

2013 Census Information

2013 Census data relating to people and households is available for the following geographic scales: meshblock, area unit (i.e. suburb), ward, territorial authority, and regional council.

2013 Deprivation Index

Please refer to the Income and Deprivation page of Facts, Stats and Figures for further commentary about deprivation and income.

Business and Industry

Statistics New Zealand produces detailed business statistics for area units, regional councils and territorial authorities:

  • Business Demography Statistics(external link): Create, find, customise and download datasets relating to: industry type, counts of businesses and employees, employee size groups, and geographic location (area unit, regional council, and territorial authority).
  • Industry Profiler(external link): Obtain statistics on small businesses by industry and regionial council.
  • Market Mapper(external link): Enables businesses to locate their market by age, gender, ethnicity, income, household composition, or family type. Uses 2013 Census data and can be viewed at the area unit or territorial authority level.

Stats Maps

Please refer to our Stats Maps page for links to maps, interactive maps, and other mapping tools and resources relevant to Christchurch City.

Other Resources