Links are provided to a wide range of economic data.

The city enjoys a stable and growing economy, and plays an integral role in the region's economic wellbeing. This page provides links to ongoing monitoring and reporting of local economic data.

Community Outcomes Monitoring

For detailed monitoring data about business and economic activity in Christchurch City, please refer to the Council’s Community Outcomes monitoring pages.

The ‘Prosperous Economy(external link)’ page provides detailed measures for ‘Christchurch is a good place to do business’ and ‘Christchurch has a strong economic base’.

Canterbury Development Corporation: Economic Monitoring

The Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC), which is the council’s economic development agency, monitors all aspects of the city and region's economy.

CDC compiles monthly and quarterly reports(external link) covering all aspects of the local economy, and also publishes a wide range of information such as Sector Profiles(external link), Key Economic Measures(external link), and other key Publications(external link).

CDC's monitoring data includes:

  • Gross domestic product (GDP)
  • Business confidence
  • Retail trade 
  • Commodity exports and imports
  • House sales (number and median sale price)
  • Residential rents
  • Workforce (employment and unemployment, earnings, labour force status)
  • International migration
  • Electricity consumption
  • Guest nights
  • Earthquake recovery measures
  • Building consent activity
  • Insurance progress
  • Infrastructure rebuild
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • International education

Central City Business

Central city business was severely affected by the earthquakes but is continuing to recover.

A well-formed and vibrant city centre is the aim of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan(external link).

Further data and information for the central city is available under the ‘Liveable City(external link)’ component of the Council's Community Outcomes(external link) monitoring programme.