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Boundaries: Wards, Community Boards and Area Units (suburbs)

Christchurch has 16 wards and seven community boards. These wards came into effect in 2016 following the review of representation arrangements.

Area units are produced by Statistics New Zealand for statistical purposes and are aggregations of meshblocks. They are non–administrative areas that are in between meshblocks and territorial authorities in size.

  • See interactive map at the bottom of this page for boundary areas.


Note: The census usually resident population is a count of all people who usually live in Christchurch AND are present anywhere in New Zealand on census night (5 March 2013). This count EXCLUDES residents who are temporarily overseas on census night and also excludes visitors from overseas. 
Note: The estimated resident population at 30 June 2013 differs from the 5 March 2013 census count for the following reasons: The estimate takes into account residents missed by the census (net undercount); it INCLUDES residents temporarily overseas on census night; and it takes into account population change (births, deaths and migration) between March and June of the same year.


Income and Deprivation

Housing and Dwellings


Employment change [PDF, 2.9 MB] [PDF 3MB], 2014 Longitudinal Business Frame


Interactive commuting patterns mode map(external link) by New Zealand Herald, 2013 Census