Encouraging property owners to support temporary use of vacant land in the central city and in suburban centres.

The Enliven Places Rates Incentive was developed to encourage property owners in the central city and suburban centres to support temporary use of vacant land or buildings with short to medium term projects. The rates incentive can credit up to a maximum of $5,000 in a 12 month period to the rates account for the property.

This credit will apply only to the Council component of the rates and is proportional based on the area used for the project.

Eligible temporary projects include those supported by the Enliven Places Projects Fund.


We recommend contacting site brokers Life in Vacant Spaces to discuss. They can simplify the process. They hold standard agreements for both site owners and site users and match projects to sites. 

Email: info@livs.org.nz.

Any other queries can be directed to enlivenfunds@ccc.govt.nz.

Next steps

Once approved, you will be notified and your rate account will be credited with the amount approved. This credit cannot be exchanged for cash and is credited to the account in arrears and in quarterly instalments.