Located at the corner of Madras Street and Oxford Terrace.

A photo of the Edmonds clock tower

The clock tower has historical and social significance and was erected in 1929, with a strong connection to prominent businessman and philanthropist Thomas Edmond who donated £5,000 toward the River Bank Improvement Scheme to commemorate his 50 years of business in Christchurch.  The scheme comprised the clock tower and telephone cabinet/drinking fountain on Madras Street along with the band rotunda and shelter on the Cambridge Terrace riverbank upstream of Manchester Street.

Find the Edmonds Clock Tower.(external link)

Update – May 2012

As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes, the Edmonds Clock Tower has sustained cracking at two levels and the top section has moved. There is also moderate damage around the windows. In May 2012 the tower was carefully removed and placed on a bed of sand. A timber frame was put around it to stabilise the tower and tarpaulins kept the structure weatherproofed. The work was carried out by qualified tradespeople who worked closely with the Council’s heritage planners.  All work carried out at the site was in line with the principles of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS(external link)) 2012 New Zealand charter.

Update – April 2013

On 23 April 2013 the upper portion of the clock tower was lifted off its bed of sand and back onto its base. Repairs have been already done on the base structure and now the top has been re-settled, further work will be done to attach the two haves.  Once the halves are firmly attached, additional repairs will continue on the whole structure. An estimated time for the full repairs to be complete is mid 2013. For pictures of the lift occurring visit Facebook(external link).