Located on Clarence Street, Addington, the tower is listed as an Historic Place Category 1.

The is more information about the listing at the Heritage New Zealand website.

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After the earthquakes

A Detailed Engineering Evaluation  (DEE) Report concluded that the tower is not considered to be earthquake prone. As part of the DEE process further investigation of the tower’s structure will be undertaken in the near future. The purpose of this stage of the investigation is to confirm the strength/capacity of the building in terms of a percentage of New Building Standard (% NBS). Investigations of structural elements of the building will include:

  • concrete wall investigation: removal of a section of concrete to determine if steel reinforcing bars are present,
  • foundations investigation: removal and replacement of floorboards to gain access to foundations for inspection of  the condition and size.

A method for the protection of heritage has been developed. This work is expected to continue until late September. It is possible that this timeline may change if considerations emerge that were not anticipated.