Located on Hackthorne Road And Dyers Pass Road, Cashmere, the building is listed as an Historic Place Category 1.

Sign of the Takahe

Sign of the Takahe is a City Plan Group One building and an Historic Places Trust Category One building, making it a building of national significance. The building and its setting have been assessed as having heritage value beyond the Canterbury region.

The Sign of the Takahe is a part of Harry Ell's Port Hills legacy to Christchurch and an outstanding example of architect J G Collins' work in the Neo Gothic style.

The is more information about the listing at the Heritage New Zealand website.

After the earthquakes

The building suffered moderate damage in the form of cracking to stone masonry walls and the loss of several parapet stones. A qualitative Detailed Engineering Evaluation showed that this building is less than 33 per cent of the New Building Standard and is therefore defined as earthquake prone.

Repair and strengthening work began at significant city landmark, Sign of the Takahe, in February 2015. The treasured facility is due to be completed in February 2017.

The facility at 200 Hackthorne Road, which was a restaurant and function centre before its closure after the February 2011 earthquake, will be repaired and strengthened to 67 per cent of New Building Standard.