The Christchurch City Council Heritage Team has written brochures to guide you on historic walking tours - within easy walking distances - and on longer historic trails, which require the use of public transport.

These brochures are available from most hotels and accommodation houses, or you may download them free.

Christchurch before 1850 - inner-city and coastal heritage trails

Maori at Port CooperTwo trails - the Inner-City Heritage Trail, and the Coastal Heritage Trail, still hold traces of the first Maori peoples on the landscape of Christchurch about 700 years ago. On each trail you will find information panels and plaques that provide stories about historically significant sites.

For the Inner-City Heritage Trail, allow about 30 minutes to walk from the inner-city to the last site at Barbadoes Street.

For the Coastal Heritage Trail, once you’ve caught the  Purple Line bus from the inner-city to Redcliffs, allow about 30 minutes to walk from Moncks Cave (in Redcliffs) to Cave Rock, in Sumner.

Christchurch before 1850 booklet [PDF 326KB]

cover of heritage guide

Central City Heritage Guide (6.8MB PDF)

Discover Central Christchurch Heritage

While the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 had a significant impact on Christchurch’s built heritage, much remains in Central Christchurch which is perfect for exploring. Our heritage places are unique treasures for our present and future generations of residents and visitors to enjoy.

Discover our special places and their fascinating stories in this walking guide. Though a large number of heritage buildings were demolished following the earthquakes, some damaged buildings have already been repaired and strengthened and are operational and accessible. Other earthquake damaged buildings are currently undergoing repairs, or have temporary protection measures in place while decisions are made about their future – these are identified as earthquake damaged in this brochure. For your safety please observe security fencing and other safety measures.

This city has a rich Māori and European cultural heritage and many of these sites are part of this walk. Take your time to experience the heritage places of central Christchurch using the map of sites provided.