The Canterbury Waste Joint Committee is responsible for advancing regional solid waste and hazardous waste minimisation in Canterbury.

The following Councils are represented on the Committee:

Note: Environment Canterbury staff provide ongoing advice relating to minimising hazardous wastes and substances.

Regional waste minimisation initiatives actioned by the Committee are in addition to member Councils' responsibilities as mandated by the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and as set out in each Councils' respective waste minimisation plan. The Committee's Constituting Agreement and Regional Waste Agreement govern its operations. Decisions are made by the elected members of the member Councils, based on written Staff Group reports.

For more than 12 years the Committee has funded a wide variety of waste minimisation projects across the region. 

Projects supported by the Committee aim to link strategically with initiatives run by national organizations including WasteMINZ, Local Government NZ and the Ministry for the Environment.

Proposals invited

In August 2015 the Committee resolved to annually invite proposals from research organisations, businesses and other associations for suitable waste minimisation project proposals within the Canterbury region. Proposals assessed to be of sufficient potential value will be presented to the Committee. The total annual budget for all projects is $112,000.

Eligibility Criteria

Assessment Criteria

Process Timeline

Contact details

Electronic submission of proposals

Canterbury Waste Joint Committee Staff Group:

Ashburton District Council

Craig Goodwin

Christchurch City Council

Zed Potgieter

Kevin Crutchley

Hurunui District Council

Sally Cracknell

Kaikoura District Council

Rachel Vaughan

MacKenzie District Council

Angie Taylor

Selwyn District Council

Andrew Boyd

Timaru District Council

Ruth Clarke

Waimakariri District Council

Kitty Waghorn

Waimate District Council

Paul Roberts