Personal training coming to Council gyms

20 Mar 2017

If you need some one-on-one support to give your fitness regime a boost, you can now sign up for a personal trainer at Council recreation and sport centres.

People taking part in a personal training session.

Personal training sessions offer the chance for some one-on-one motivation.

The service is being offered for the first time from this week at Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre but will soon be available at other Council-run fitness centres around the city as new trainers start.

Christchurch City Council Programme and Activity Leader Matt Howard says a survey of customers last year showed there was strong demand for personal and small group training, with 54 per cent of respondents saying they would be interested in the service if it was within their budget.

The cost of the service for gym members will start from $30 for a half-hour session and will vary depending on the trainer. A gym entry fee will also apply for non-members.

“Our personal training programme will be suitable for all ages and levels of fitness,” Mr Howard says.

“It’s an added value service, and it provides an extra push for those who need it. It will suit people who want results, motivation and support or those who need customised training.”

The advantage of personal training is one-on-one advice and expertise. Having personal attention holds customers accountable and ensures they stay on track. The service can be shared by a small group of up to six people in one session, with the costs split between members of the group.

Personal trainer Dan Hibbs

Personal trainer Dan Hibbs

“We’ll be picking the best people to be our trainers and slowly growing the programme from there. We’re aiming to have four personal trainers working in the next six months,” Mr Howard says.

The first personal trainer on the books is Daniel Hibbs, who has been teaching and training in the fitness industry for more than 20 years, and has represented New Zealand in swimming, surf life saving, and body building. He will work as a contractor for the Christchurch City Council and has qualifications in sports science, sports medicine, fitness industry training, and massage therapy as well as nutrition, health and wellness.

Mr Hibbs says he likes to take a whole of lifestyle approach with his clients. He wants them to have fun but also look after themselves at the same time. "I'm there to make sure they can smile even when they're doing something that's hard."

Being a good motivator is about finding out what makes a client tick outside the gym, he says. "The best personal trainer is the person who communicates the best and makes a connection with that person. My job is to get people in and get them fit, and get them doing it by themselves. Educating them to look after their own health. "

He is happy to work outside the gym if his clients prefer outdoor exercise, and he's willing to join his clients in events to support them. "I've done Le Race with clients in the past. Me taking part helps them know that they're going to be looked after."

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