Arbor Day is held every year on 5 June to draw attention to the importance of trees in our society. Plant a tree and grow our future. Take care of the carbon in our atmosphere.

Zhu family planting at The Groynes.


Arbor Day is a day where people are encouraged to plant trees, many countries observe the holiday but the date varies depending on climate and season.

The world’s first documented arbor festival took place in the Spanish village of Mondoñedo in 1594 and the first dedicated Arbor Day was held in Nebraska in 1872. New Zealand celebrated Arbor Day for the first time in Greytown in 1890 and has celebrated it annually on June 5 since 1977. 

Christchurch City Council helps celebrate Arbor Day by organising community plantings in parks around the city and by supporting schools in their tree planting activities.

Come and plant a tree for Arbor Day

Bring your friends and family - join the rangers and learn more about your city and plants for Arbor Day. Check out the volunteer events and programmes for an event that takes your fancy. Remember, trees soak up carbon from the atmosphere, so the more you plant, the better it is for the planet.

Arbor Day support for schools

We encourage schools' involvement in action events by supporting their celebrations for Arbor Day. Students may also like to come with their families to the public events. Find out more about Arbor Day school resource for teachers.

Tree planting is not just confined to Arbor Day

There are many planting days and ways you can be actively involved in parks throughout the city. Find out how you can get involved in your parks.