If you see an opportunity to help out at your local park, contact your local park ranger.

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Christchurch City Council park rangers supervise, maintain, enhance and protect our urban and regional parks – from the small patch of green at the end of your street to the tussock-covered hills of Banks Peninsula and the Port Hills. 

The work of the park rangers is diverse and demanding. But they can't do it alone – they need your help.

Ways you can help

Report issues:

Regional parks:

Neighbourhood parks:

Meet some of our park rangers

Di Carter
Di manages the Port Hills restoration programme which includes several long term volunteer projects.

Rodney Chambers
Rodney is involved in operations for park rangers and has a particular interest in dune restoration.

Brian Appleton
Brian has been a Botanic Gardens Ranger for more than 30 years and does everything from tour guiding to maintenance. 

Mandy Black
Mandy is an Urban Parks Ranger who looks after urban parks in south Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula. Meet Mandy at a number of volunteer planting events.