Skateboarders and inline skaters are permitted to ride on footpaths or roads but must ride in a careful and considerate manner and at a speed that does not cause a hazard to others. Skateboarders and skaters must give way to everyone else on the footpath.

Skate areas are situated in the following parks in and around Christchurch:

Park Skate elements Skate style Location
Akaroa Boat Park Ramps, rails, fun-box  Street Rue Jolie, Akaroa
Bishopdale Park Ramps and rails Street Leacroft Street side of Bishopdale Park
Carisbrook Playground Skate path with low mounds  Street Carisbrook Street
Hoon Hay Park Clover bowl Transition Mathers Road
Jellie Park Ramps and rails Transition and freestyle Greers Road side of Jellie Park
Linwood Park Ramps and rails Transition and freestyle Linwood Ave
Oxford Street Reserve  Ramp  Street elements Oxford Street, Lyttelton
Sheldon Park Quarter pipe Transition Main North Road
South New Brighton Park Series of fun boxes Street Beatty Street
St Albans Park Ramps and rails Transition Forfar Street side of park
Templeton Domain Ramps, rails and bowl Transition with street elements Kirk Road
Thomson Park Ramps and rolling skate area Transition with street elements Marine Parade
Wainoni Park Skate path with stairs, wedge and rails  Street Hampshire Street 
Waltham Park  Bowls Transition  Waltham Road
Washington Way Reserve Ramps, rails and beginner bowl area  Transition and street Moorhouse Avenue and Washington Way
Wycola Park  Mexican Hat Bowl Transition  Wycola Avenue