Are you starting your fitness journey, or getting back into it after a break? Here are a few things you might notice when you dust off those sneakers

lady smiling in fitness class

  • Exercise will make you feel good. This is because exercise releases endorphins – the body’s natural feel good chemical.
  • You might get sore muscles for the first 24-48 hours. This is normal and will ease over time.
  • As you’re burning more calories your body will crave more food. Ensure you eat plenty of nutritious foods, including protein to aid muscle recovery.
  • You may feel more tired than normal. Get a good nights sleep to help your body reap the benefits of exercise.

“Exercise makes you feel good. When you start out though it may be a little uncomfortable. This is your muscles adapting to new movement.”

Choose exercise you enjoy and start with some short term goals. As you build up fitness and strength your confidence will grow. Fuel your body well and get the right amount of rest and recovery.

Fitness instructors at the Recreation & Sports Centres are there to help! Talk to an instructor today about helping you on your fitness journey.