The legs may become weary but the returns for your health and fitness will be worth it.

There are two spin classes on offer:

1. Spin

For a fun and challenging ride this spin class is ideal for those who want to test themselves on the bikes and gain a great cardiovascular and fat burning workout in the process.

2. Spin beginner

This short programme is aimed at those new to spin who would like to step up and pedal hard. Over 4 weeks you’ll get a good workout while learning different aspects of spin training, including bike set up, technique, use of resistance, riding positions and intensity.

Class duration: 50 Minutes

Fitness level: Allspin class

Prerequisites: None

Location timetables:


Phone (03) 941 6888 to book a spin class.

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Casual class




10 class concession card (valid for 2 years)


Members 10 class concession card (valid for 2 years)