When winter is upon us it's important to consider how we use our sports fields, in particular how we look after them while we train on them.

By following these simple tips you can help ensure the playing fields remain open so players will get game time:

  • A rugby goal post in a sports fieldAll warm up and warm down drills should be done off the playing field. Move around to reduce damage in one place
  • Try to keep out of goal mouths for training as these areas deteriorate very quickly during games
  • If you have portable posts or cones, set these up away from the goal and where possible off the playing field
  • If you're training on the playing field, ensure that you move the players around so you do not wear only one area
  • Keep away from any areas that are showing damage
  • If you're training during the day try to leave the lit area for night training
  • If you have training on a particularly wet day/night, consider training options off the grounds
  • For junior and social grades we suggest that you do not train at all in wet conditions
  • All scrum machines should be used off the playing field and moved around to reduce wear
  • Ensure that children and players do not swing, climb or play on the goal posts.

Thanks for your help, enjoy the season!