Located on Onuku Road. The first known burial was 1863.

Akaroa Catholic Cemetery

This cemetery is now full except for burials in pre-purchased plots and second interments.

There are good visual connections to Akaroa Harbour from the top of the cemetery and it is separated from the adjacent Akaroa Dissenters Cemetery by a row of trees and a post and wire fence. Both cemeteries are adjacent to the Garden of Tāne. Dense native plantings and exotic trees surround the two cemetery sites. A network of walking tracks connects the cemeteries to the Garden of Tāne.

The cemetery has associations with the early history of the local community.

There are a variety of graves and headstones from the older Victorian style plots with covers or kerbing to more recent modern upright stone memorials. The graves are orientated lengthwise in an east west fashion and are stepped down the hillside in distinct blocks with mown grass paths.