It opened in 1890 and is still open for casket and ash burials.

It opened in 1890 and is still open for full burials. Wainui Cemetery is located several kilometres from the Wainui settlement. The cemetery has a rural feel and is located on a hill with panoramic views over Akaroa Harbour and out to the Akaroa Heads. There is little in the way of trees and amenity planting within the cemetery, with the exception of a stand of Birch and Oaks to the northwest of the site and scattered areas of regenerating native vegetation.

The cemetery has a unique layout with double rows of plots laid head to toe with an east/ west orientation. The headstones are all positioned facing towards the east and distinctive family groups seem to dominate. The cemetery has a variety of headstones from older Victorian style plots and more recent modern upright memorial headstones. Most of the headstones and covers are in good condition.