Belfast Cemetery opened in 1904 and is now full except for burials in pre purchased plots and second interments.

Belfast CemeteryCorner Guthries and Belfast Roads(external link)

Map of the Belfast Cemetery [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Originally a traditional cemetery with large traditional monumental style headstones the cemetery was redeveloped in 1985 as a lawn cemetery, catering for upright and reclining memorials. The memorial area of the cemetery is divided into rooms using a series of hedges. There are two distinctive areas in the cemetery, the children’s area and the Orthodox Russian area.

The rural location of the cemetery is significant, and is part of the reason the cemetery has been so popular in the past. From all sides of the cemetery there are rural vistas, which help provide a feeling of openness. There are a number of established trees in the cemetery in keeping with the memorial park nature of the cemetery. Plantings include hedges, exotic and native planting. Existing buildings include a public toilet and a shed. 

The recent purchase of additional cemetery land will enable further development in the short term.