There is a lot you can do to prepare you and your family for a disaster. Making an Emergency Plan and starting your Emergency Kit are two simple steps you can take today.

Household plan

Making a plan before an emergency will help you work out what to do when a disaster happens.

The plan should be made with all members in your household and you should let family and close friends know about your plan so they know where and how to contact you if you need to leave your home.

Things to include in your household plan are:

  • What you will each do in the event of a disaster
  • How and where you will meet up during and after a disaster
  • Who will pick up the children
  • What you need to do for members of the household, family or community with a disability or special requirement
  • What you will need to do for your pets, domestic animals or livestock
  • What local radio stations to tune in to for civil defence information during an event

This Household Emergency Plan template(external link) [PDF 116KB] is a good place to start.

picture of an emergency kit

Emergency kit

When a disaster happens you may be without power and water for three days or more.

You may not be able to go to the shops and get food and so it is important to store enough food and water for all of your household and pets.

In your Emergency Kit you should also have important equipment such as a torch and spare batteries, a radio and first aid supplies.

This link contains a full list of what you should have in your Emergency Kit(external link).