Residents and business in the coastal evacuations zones should have plans in place for an evacuation.

Have a plan

Know if you’re in a tsunami evacuation zone. Have an evacuation plan and route ready for your family and pets.

Be prepared

Have an emergency getaway kit ready and in an easy place to grab and go. Check out link) for what should be in this kit.

Schools and early childhood centres

Schools and early childhood centres are required to have plans detailing their response to emergency events. Ask at your school or early childhood centre what arrangements they have in place and the steps you are expected to make to collect your child(ren) following an evacuation.

Rest homes and retirement villages

Rest homes or retirement village staff will evacuate occupants to pre-arranged safe assembly areas outside the evacuation zone or they will be transported to an evacuation centre. The ‘pre-arranged’ safe assembly areas will be identified in the rest home's or retirement village's emergency plan – it is likely to be a rest home located outside the evacuation zone and with the capability to temporarily provide evacuated residents with a similar level of care.

Find out about the arrangements you are expected to make to contact your family members following an evacuation at a rest home or retirement village.