Tsunami sirens are installed along the coastline from Brooklands to Taylor's Mistake.

The sirens are one channel used by Civil Defence to warn people to evacuate coastal areas when there is a tsunami coming.

Official warnings will be broadcast through a number of channels, such as radio, TV, facebook(external link), and sirens.

A long or strong earthquake is your tsunami warning. Don’t wait for the sirens before evacuating.

Look for natural signs

  • Feel strong ground shaking that makes it hard to stand up; or a weak, rolling earthquake that lasts a minute or more
  • See a sudden rise or fall in sea level;
  • Hear loud and unusual noises from the sea.

Do not return to the evacuation zone until the official all clear is given (if the tsunami siren stops this doesn't mean you can return).

Testing the tsunami warning sirens

The Council tests the tsunami warning sirens twice a year on the Sundays that daylight savings starts and finishes. The tests are done at 11am on the first Sunday of April and the last Sunday of September each year. The test lasts about three minutes, with the sirens designed to be heard only a few blocks back from the beach.

If during testing the sirens are activated for more than 10 minutes, it is no longer a test: there could be a real tsunami and residents will need to evacuate the area.