Is your property fully secure to prevent your dog from wandering? e.g. Dogs can push out loose fence palings to escape.

Report a problem with a dog or animal

Dog owners have a legal responsibility to the community to prevent their dog from wandering. Dogs will behave differently in unusual or unfamiliar situations, or when they are with other dogs. Any dog caught
wandering will subject its legal owner to fines and costs.

Dogs that wander have a short life span

A wandering dog can die or be injured in a traffic accident. It can be shot, baited or trapped whilst attacking livestock or become lost, stolen, or impounded. Some dogs get sick through eating harmful foods whilst others pick up diseases which they bring home. If your dog acts illegally, the financial and social consequences will be charged to you.

Wandering dogs upset the neighbourhood

Owners should not always assume that their dog just wanders over to the neighbours or that its company is welcomed by other people. A dog may begin its wandering by being allowed onto its owner's front verge,
then it may go into the neighbour's property and later to the end of the street.

Eventually the dog is known to be a nuisance by the whole neighbourhood. If a person has a problem with a dog in the neighbourhood they should contact the owner or Council on (03) 941 8999 before the problem escalates.