Christchurch City Council will always do its best to reunite a lost dog with its owner. If you have a lost or found dog, please call the Council's 24 hour call center on (03) 941 8999. The dog's details will be entered into the lost and found database.

You can then visit the dog shelter at 10 Metro Place, Bromley to check if your dog is with the Council Monday to Friday 1pm to 5:30pm and Saturdays 11am to 1pm closed Sundays and public holidays.

Lost your dog

If you have lost your dog, you can also try:

  • Pets on the Net which is the SPCA's authorised 'lost and found' website or phone (03) 349 7057, open hours: 10am–4pm, Monday to Saturday
  • Dogwatch
  • Social Media and other websites that offer a service for lost and found dogs. 

Found dogs

The dogs below are currently held at the Council's animal shelter. Click on the images to see more information about each dog.

Every dog that arrives at the Council's animal shelter goes through the following process:

  1. Scanned for a microchip implant
    • If a microchip implant is found and this number is registered on a New Zealand microchip database, the Council will contact the identified owner and try to reunite them with the dog. For this reason, any change of details including the dog owner's name, change of address for the owner or the dog, phone number or a new owner must be notified to the Council by phoning (03) 941 8999. Or by filling out the update notification form on our website.
    • If a found dog cannot be identified by either a microchip implant or registration tag, the Council must impound the dog.
    • All impounded dogs will be posted on the Council webpages and the Council's Facebook page.
  2. The law requires all impounded dogs to be held for at least seven days while the Council attempts to contact the dog owner, or the owner contacts the Council about the dog.
  3. After the 7th day, if the dog owner has not claimed the dog, the Council assumes legal responsibility and ownership of the dog.
  4. If an impounded dog is sick or injured, the Council will immediately seek veterinary advice.
  5. Owners of claimed dogs are required to pay registration and impounding fees including food.