Christchurch City Council has adopted a range of rates relief packages aimed at helping residents and property owners worst-affected by the earthquakes.

Different rates relief packages have been offered to residents in different parts of the city, depending on circumstances. 

Contact us to find out if you are eligible for rates relief

During 2016/17 the following rates relief packages and remissions are available:

  • Residential and non-rateable properties left uninhabitable by the earthquakes will be treated as if they have been demolished and rated at land value only. This remission ceases when the property is once again inhabited or inhabitable.
  • A 30 % rates remission is available for business properties unable to be occupied due to dangerous earthquake-damaged adjacent buildings.
  • A full remission is available for residential and non-rateable properties where Council has issued an evacuation notice under the Canterbury Earthquake (Building Act) Order 2011 - that is, a section 124 notice under the Building Act which relates to geotechnical risk (such as rock fall, cliff collapse, or unsafe access or retaining walls), where the risk arises from neighbouring land and so cannot be reasonably remediated by the affected ratepayer.  The 100% rates remission will cease once the notice has been lifted or if the property is sold to the Crown.
  • A full 100% percent remission is available for Port Hills residential properties identified as being Class 1 Mass Land Movement risk. This remission applies until a Crown or Council purchase offer has been settled or rejected, or the Council has finished remediation work to protect the property.
  • Crown land in the Frame will be treated as legally “non-rateable” if it is identified as to be used for public purposes such as roads, footpaths, or other public spaces. This is the same treatment that applies to all other roads, footpaths, and other public spaces; a remission is only required for the period between the land being identified for this purpose and the required adjustments being made to the legal titles.

Apply for rates relief 

If you qualify for rates relief please contact us by phoning 941 8999 (or 0800 800 169 for Banks Peninsula residents), or email

Please note: Residential relief and some commercial rebates are only available on application. 

Reassessing your rates during the year

Central Government has adopted new legislation that allows Christchurch City Council to reassess rates during the rating year.

The Council lobbied for the change so that it could better respond to changes to city properties as earthquake demolitions and rebuilds progress. The Canterbury Earthquake Rating Order in Council means rates can be adjusted within a financial year if a house is demolished, substantial new building work has been done, or land is subdivided.

If your building has been demolished the Council must now reduce rates for the property to land value from the month after the demolition is formally recorded in Council’s rating database. Equally, once substantial building work is completed and you begin to use Council services, your rates will be based on the improved value of your property.

Let us know if your building is demolished

We cannot reduce your rates to reflect demolition until the month after the demolition is formally recorded in our rating database. There are a number of steps to this process, and it can take up to six weeks from the date that we are informed of the demolition to the date that our database update is complete.
We won’t necessarily know when a property has been demolished, unless you contact us - phone 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 (for Banks Peninsula residents) or e-mail

Should your property be demolished, subdivided, or substantial building work done during the year, you will receive a property valuation notice from Council's valuers (Quotable Value) and a revised rates assessment from the Council. You have the right to object to this revised valuation within 20 working days – Call Quotable Value on 0800-787-284 or visit the QV website (external link)  for more information.

Wheelie bin services

The kerbside wheelie bin collection service is not available for unoccupied properties receiving an earthquake remission, because a targeted rate for waste minimisation is no longer being paid. Find out how we can remove your wheelie bins (at no cost to you) while your property is unoccupied.

Environment Canterbury rates and rates relief

Environment Canterbury (ECan) has adopted rates remission policies that mirror those of Christchurch City Council. If you qualify for remission of Christchurch City Council rates you will automatically qualify for the same remission of ECan rates.