Banks Peninsula residents who do not live on a wheelie bin collection route can use the community collection points for household rubbish and recycling.

The community collection points are either a wheelie bin, skip or a trailer. 

Using the collection points

  • Only for rubbish and/or recycling dropped off by a resident.
  • Waste should not exceed the amount that can be placed in the kerbside wheelie bins.
  • Please place recycling loose, not in bags. 
  • Make sure you put the right waste in the right bin - check the information about sorting your rubbish if you're not sure. 
  • Take green waste, large items, large quantities and commercial waste to a transfer station for recycling or disposal. 
Description of collection point Description of waste Quantity that can be dropped off each fortnight
Trailer, yellow bin or yellow skip Household recycling 240 litres 
(3 bags per week)
Red bin or red skip Household rubbish 140 litres 
(2 bags per week)


All locations have a recycling collection. All locations except Akaroa and Little River have a rubbish collection. 

Find the nearest collection point to you on our interactive map.

Full or contaminated bins

Phone the Council if you notice:

  • The skip, bin or trailer at the community collection point is too full
  • Anything in the skip, bin or trailer that should not be there
  • Witness illegal dumping.