Tips to help you use and look after your wheelie bins.

Bin liners and bags

Red bin – You are welcome to use any sort of liner or bag inside the red bin to keep it clean
Yellow bin – Please do not use any liner inside the yellow bin
Green bin – Please do not use any liner or bag inside the organics bin. Food scraps and garden waste can be placed loose in the bin or otherwise wrapped in newspaper.

Compostable and/or biodegradable bags should not be used to line the green bin. These have not been approved for use in our facility.

Assistance for visually impaired residents

All bins are marked with a raised symbol on the lid which people can feel to distinguish between each bin type:

  • A raised triangle for the recycling bin
  • A raised square for the rubbish bin
  • A raised circle for the organics bin

Decorating bins

Decorating wheelie bins is not encouraged. However, if decorations can be easily removed and do not cover the Christchurch City Council logo or bin serial number, collection will not be impacted.

Address labels

Contact the Council if the address label has fallen off your wheelie bin. You will need to provide the serial number of your wheelie bin to get a replacement address label.