Information about our rubbish and recycling collection service for wheelie bins and rubbish bags, including what to do if yours is not collected.

Find your collection day

Use our online tool to find the collection day for each of your wheelie bins. Android and iOS users can download a free Wheelie Bins App.

Public holiday kerbside collections

Rubbish and recycling collection continues as normal on all public holidays except New Year's Day, Easter Good Friday, Anzac Day and Christmas Day.

Inner city bag collection

Properties in the inner city buy Council rubbish and recycling bags to use the collection service.

Non-rateable properties

Non-rateable properties such as churches, schools and sports clubs may opt in to this service for a fee. Free recycling for schools and early learning centres.

Private lanes

Private lanes and gated communities must apply to the Council if they want bins to be collected in the lane.

Assisted rubbish collection service

If you need assistance with your rubbish, you may be eligible for the back door collection service. This is not available for recycling or organics.