The green organics bin is collected weekly.

Green lid organics bin

What can go in the green organics bin

  • Fruit and vegetables including pips and stones
  • Meat, bones and fish
  • Bread, pastries and flours
  • Cut flowers, prunings, cuttings and branches
  • Leaves
  • Coffee grindings and tea bags
  • Dairy products
  • Garden waste
  • Human and animal hair
  • Food soiled cardboard containers, paper towels and serviettes.

Food waste can be wrapped in newspaper before putting it in the green bin. You can also use paper or cardboard to line your bin. 

What can't go in your green organics bin

  • Liquids, flax, cabbage trees, human/animal waste
  • Plastic of any sort (e.g. plant pots, plastic bags, cling film, bio-gradable/compostable plastic etc)
  • Timber, sawdust, ash, stones, gravel, bricks or dirt
  • Grass clippings sprayed with herbicide containing Clopyralid
  • Prunings, cuttings and branches longer than 70 cm in length and 7.5 cm in diameter
  • Dead animals/pets.

Use the Wheelie Bins App to find out what goes in each bin.

Reducing food waste 

Love Food Hate Waste logo

Kiwi families throw out 79 kilos of uneaten food every year.  That’s about $560 and 3 trolley loads going straight into the red-lidded bin off to landfill.

Along with other Councils in the country, we're proud to be part of the national Love Food Hate Waste NZ campaign, which aims to turn this problem around. Love Food Hate Waste will inform, inspire and enable Cantabrians to waste less food and save money.

The Love Food Hate Waste website(external link) is a great resource for all New Zealanders to use, with recipes, practical tools, tips and techniques to reduce your own food waste. 

Christchurch City Council will be partnering with organisations, community groups and food waste champions to deliver helpful workshops. We’ll also be getting out and about across the City with our Love Food Hate Waste stand at events throughout the year.  If you see us, please come and say 'Hi'. We’ll have information for you to take away, practical giveaways and competitions with great prizes. 

Love Food Hate Waste is targeting the problem of household food waste. There are simple things we can all do which also save us money, so why not check out the website to learn how today.

Food Lovers Masterclass with Kate Meads 

During these two hour masterclasses, you will learn how to reduce your food waste through meal planning, smart shopping and smart storage.

You will learn about the first in first out approach/method, the difference between use by and best before dates and when all else fails the last resort options.

You will also take home a gift from the Christchurch City Council of $100 worth of goodies designed to help you reduce your food waste.

Find out more on the Food Lovers Masterclass events page.