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Flood remediation to go ahead in Bexley

Detailed design work on a schemes to reduce the flood risk in Bexley will go ahead following a Christchurch City Council decision. Councillors decided the preferred remediation option for Knights Drain in Bexley, should progress to the detailed design stage. This remediation option reduces the frequency and severity of flooding in a 50 year rainfall event and benefit properties at risk of above floor flooding.

Council staff will now start work on refining the scheme's design. This involves more design work, ground investigations, surveying floor levels, validating modelling and talking with and listening to residents. In the coming months, there will be opportunities for residents to be involved and provide feedback on these schemes as part of this work.

The preferred remediation option for Knights Drain will see six of the 13 homes affected by above floor flooding benefit in a predicted 50 year rainfall event. A further 70 of an estimated 230 properties at risk of underfloor flooding will also see flood levels reduce. Another 60 homes will be protected by the proposed pump station during extreme high tide events.

Map of Knights Drain project areaProposed work includes:

  • A pump station and pressure main, which is a pipe where the water in it is pumped under pressure, usually, to higher ground (Stage 1)
  • Remediation of the existing stormwater basin (Stage 1)
  • Modifications to Knights Drain (Stage 1)
  • Using a small part of Wainoni Park as detention storage (Stage 2)

Stage 1 work can be fast tracked as these structures are either already in place or are on Council-owned land. However, as Stage 2 is in a small part of an existing park wider community involvement is required ahead of any proposed work.

The proposed detention basin for a small part of Wainoni Park will be dual-use and will only be used as a detention basin during large rainfall events. Wainoni Park area will be designed to incorporate picnic facilities.

Media release on the Council's decision(external link) - 12 November 2015.

Council meeting agenda(external link) - 12 November 2015.

Media release on the committee's recommendation(external link) - 5 November 2015.

Land Drainage Recovery Programme Summary Report [PDF, 2.3 MB] - November 2015.