Estuary Drain discharges into the Avon River, collecting flows from the catchment roughly bounded by Bexley Park, Cuthberts Green and Aranui Primary School. The drain has suffered earthquake damage, and is on a fast-track repair programme.

June 2016

The Council has agreed to progress flood mitigation work on Breezes Road Drain - within the Estuary Drain Catchment - to detailed design and construction.

Breezes Road Drain runs from near the Estuary end of Breezes Road, behind Delamare Park and connects to Estuary Drain in Bexley Reserve.

In the Estuary Drain area, earthquake damage has reduced the drain’s capacity. This, coupled with earthquake damage to drainage infrastructure throughout the catchment, has increased flood risk in the area.

The flood mitigation option agreed on for the Breezes Road Drain includes the reconstruction of the drain, and upsizing and extending the piped network upstream of the Drain, adjacent to Breezes Road.

This option will reduce flood risk within the catchment, and is predicted to remove the floor-level flood risk from two properties that were not at risk of flooding before the earthquakes. The work, at a cost of around $1.8M funded from the Land Drainage Recovery Programme, will also return the drainage network in this area to a serviceable state. Construction could start as early as later this year.