The Council has a plan to drill new wells and build new pump stations.

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Gardiners pump station and wells

The Gardiners pump station

The design of the new Gardiners pump station incorporates features in keeping with the Styx area.

The new pump station sits within Harewood Park close to the Styx River, a settlement area for early Europeans. Its two deep wells replace the existing shallow well at Harewood and, with a capacity of 50 litres a second each, will provide for growth within the North West Zone, particularly Highstead and Upper Styx.

The pump station has been designed in accordance with The Styx Vision masterplan. The buildings have been designed to reflect the landscape and are set back within the site to allow the reserve and car parking to be developed.

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Ben Rarere pump station and wells

Two new wells and a pump station are being built on Ben Rarere Avenue in Aranui. Construction of the pump station is expected to finish in the middle of 2020. When completed, the new pump station will deliver up to 100 litres a second into the water supply network.