The Duvauchelle water supply scheme provides water to 187 residential and 12 commercial properties in Duvauchelle and Robinsons Bay.

Water is taken from Pipers Stream, and passes through settlement tanks before flowing by gravity to the treatment plant on Okains Bay Road.  

The treatment plant was built in 2011-12, to replace the previous treatment plant to achieve compliance with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.  At the treatment plant, the water passes through a mixed media filter and a cartridge filter before being disinfected with UV light and chlorine.  Treated water is stored in a reservoir, and from there it is piped to properties in Duvauchelle and Robinsons Bay.

During a storm, the amount of suspended material (turbidity) in the water increases due to runoff from the surrounding catchment.  When the turbidity gets too high, water is returned to the stream rather than being piped to the treatment plant, as otherwise the treatment plant cannot treat very dirty water.  This means that if it rains for several days, this can result in a water shortage.  If this happens, water is brought in by tanker from another water supply scheme.