Fees are set by the Council on an annual basis.

Burial, disinterment, and plot purchase fees must be paid in full prior to any burial or disinterment, taking place. The Council does not offer any payment plans. 

Plot Purchases Fee
Adult Plot $1575.00
Ash Plot and 1/4 Plot $454.00
Child Plot $745.00
Burial Fee
Stillborn (up to 20 weeks) $178.50
21 weeks to 12 months  $403.00
13 months to 6 years  $668.00
7 years and over $1071.00
Ashes Interment $214.50
Additional Fee
Burial Saturday and Public Holiday $643.00
Ash Interment - attended by Sexton on Saturday or Public Holiday $191.00
Burials continuing after 4pm Mon-Fri / After 1pm Sat $275.50
Less that 8 working hours notice $263.50
Use of lowering device $107.50
Muslim Boards $306.00
Poor and Destitute (strict guidelines apply) $0.00
Disinterment Fee
Adult Casket Greater of $1438.00 or actual costs
Child Casket Greater of $1081.00 or actual costs
Ashes Greater of $357.00 or actual costs
Memorial Work Fee
New Headstone / Plaque $66.50
Additional lettering $27.50
Renovating work $36.00
Administration Fee
Supply written information (per hour) $59.00
Transfer of Right of Burial $59.00

Cemetery fees as of 1 July 2016 (incl GST).