The temporary new Linwood Library and Service Centre at Eastgate Shopping Centre opened in April 2013. The Council is continuing to look at options for a permanent combined community centre, library and service centre in the area.

The Linwood Library in Cranley Street has been closed since it was damaged in the February 2011 earthquake and the building is also now fire damaged. The Linwood Service Centre in Smith Street closed in 2012 following engineering assessments.

Due to these facilities' importance to the local community, a Linwood community hub was in 2012 identified as one of the Council's top 30 facilities for funding, further investigations and work.

In the meantime, the Council has converted a 1200 square metre space on the first floor of Eastgate Shopping Centre into a spacious new library and service centre for residents. The Council has a three-year lease with the mall.

Linwood Library and Service Centre at Eastgate Mall.(external link)