No longer operative Bylaws.

Christchurch City

Revoked bylaw Replaced by
Trade Waste Bylaw 2006 [PDF 130KB] Trade Waste Bylaw 2015
Cleanfill Licencing Bylaw 2008 [PDF 75KB] Cleanfill and Waste Handling Operations Bylaw 2015
Licensed Waste Handling Facilities Bylaw 2007 [PDF 54KB] Cleanfill and Waste Handling Operations Bylaw 2015
Cruising Bylaw 2010 [PDF 483KB] Cruising and Prohibited Times on Roads Bylaw 2014
Urban Fire Safety Bylaw 2007 [PDF 70KB] Urban Fire Safety Bylaw 2014
Water Related Services Bylaw 2008 [PDF 125KB] Water Supply, Wastewater and Stormwater Bylaw 2014
Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2008 Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2016
Dog Control Policy 2008 and Dog Control Bylaw 2008 Dog Control Policy 2016 and Dog Control Bylaw 2016

Banks Peninsula

Formerly Banks Peninsula District Council.

Revoked bylaw Replaced by

Banks Peninsula District Council Public Places and Signs Bylaw 2004 [PDF 89KB]
(third edition, re-issued July 2009)

Public Places Bylaw 2008