Christchurch District Plan

The Christchurch District Plan is now operative. Note that it will also be necessary to consult the coastal hazard provisions in the Christchurch City Plan and the Banks Peninsula District Plan.

Christchurch District Plan logoIf you are building or making changes to your property, including how you use your property, check the Christchurch District Plan (external link)to find out whether what you are doing is permitted or requires a resource consent.  You also need to check the coastal hazard provisions of the Christchurch City Plan and the Banks Peninsula District Plan, which still apply. Check out the provisions that still apply from these two plans.
(external link)

You can click on 'search a property' below to see which District Plan zones and other notations apply to a property.

And for any queries about the District Plan provisions, or planning rules that might apply for a property, or resource or building consent process questions, please contact our duty planner on 941 8999 or email . 

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