Christchurch District Plan

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If you are building or making changes to your property check the Christchurch District Plan to find out what you can or can’t do.

Until the new plan is complete, use the new Christchurch District Plan as well as the proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan and either the Christchurch City Plan or the Banks Peninsula District Plan to get a complete view of the district plan for Christchurch.

The provisions in this operative plan are current but may be subject to change as the Independent Hearings Panel is issuing decisions in stages and has the authority to reconsider any decision it has already made if it is considered necessary or desirable to do so to ensure coherency and consistency.  Please contact if you have any queries about this plan.

The Christchurch District Plan includes all planning maps, provisions, features and zoning made operative up to and including 11 August 2017.

Use the property search

Find out what zone or features that relate to a property, then check the relevant chapter to find out what rules apply.

View the chapters and planning maps

To understand the zones, features and rules for the Christchurch District.

Resource consents

Find out about the resource consent process, including application forms and guidance on common topics.