These documents contain full details of Council activities and services.

Area Activity Management Plans

Arts and Culture

Art Gallery [PDF, 247 KB] 
Libraries [PDF, 363 KB] 
Museums [PDF 139KB]

Community Services

Civil Defence and Emergency Management [PDF, 167 KB]
Community Facilities [PDF, 463 KB] 
Community Grants [PDF 257KB]
Customer Services and Online Channels [PDF 135KB]
Events and Festivals [PDF, 169 KB]
[From 1 July 2017 all fire emergency response will be managed by Fire Emergency New Zealand (FENZ). This means the levels of service from the Amended Long Term Plan 2016-25 no longer sit with Council. Council will continue to support FENZ by providing staff and equipment for rural firefighting activities.]

Economic Development

City Promotions [PDF 138KB]
Civic and International Relations 
Venue Management - Vbase [PDF, 136 KB]
Co-ordination and Leadership [PDF 673KB]
Flood Protection Flood Protection [PDF 276KB]
Heritage Protection Heritage Protection [PDF, 175 KB]
Housing Housing [PDF, 2 MB]
Natural Environment Environmental Education [PDF 261KB]

Internal Services

Asset Management [PDF, 166 KB] 
Asset Management and Planning - Parks [PDF, 218 KB]
Asset Management and Planning - Three Waters & Waste [PDF, 227 KB] 
Asset Management and Planning - Transport [PDF, 246 KB] 
City Services Project Management Office and Business Administration Support  [PDF, 139 KB]
Customer and Community Business Support [PDF, 109 KB] 
Facilities, Property and Planning [PDF, 131 KB]
Human Resources [PDF, 1 MB]
Information Technology [PDF, 1 MB] 
Legal Services [PDF, 165 KB]
Vertical Capital Delivery [PDF, 165 KB] 
Parks and Open Spaces Cemeteries [PDF 164KB]
Garden and Heritage Parks [PDF 182KB]
Neighbourhood Parks [PDF 152KB]
Regional Parks [PDF 142KB]


Organic Material Collection and Composting [PDF, 467 KB]
Recyclable Materials Collection and Processing [PDF, 398 KB]
Residual Waste Collection and Disposal [PDF, 580 KB]

Regulation and Enforcement

Building Consenting, Inspections and Monitoring [PDF, 131 KB]
Building Control Business Support [PDF, 113 KB]
Building Policy [PDF, 134 KB] 
District Planning [PDF, 138 KB] 
Land and Property Information Services [PDF, 110 KB]
Regulatory Compliance, Licensing and Registration [PDF, 246 KB]
Resource Consenting [PDF, 144 KB]
Roads and Footpaths Roads and Footpaths [PDF, 180 KB]


Wastewater Collection [PDF 383KB]
Wastewater Treatment and Disposal [PDF, 341 KB]

Sport and Recreation

Recreation and Sport Facilities [PDF, 228 KB]
Sports Parks [PDF 163KB]
Stormwater Drainage Stormwater Drainage [PDF, 336 KB]
Strategic Governance Public Participation in Community and City Governance and Decision-making [PDF, 292 KB]
 Strategic Management Organisational Risk Assurance and Improvement [PDF 268KB]
Performance Management and Reporting [PDF, 297 KB]
 Strategic Planning Strategic Planning and Policy [PDF, 493 KB] 
 Transport Harbours and Marine Structures [PDF, 199 KB]
Major Cycleways [PDF, 199 KB] 
Parking [PDF, 135 KB]
Public Transport Infrastructure [PDF, 135 KB]
Road Operations [PDF, 132 KB]
Transport Education [PDF 288KB]
 Water Supply Water Supply (combining water conservation) [PDF, 481 KB]