The Edgeware Village Master Plan sets out to restore the area as a thriving shopping centre and community hub at the heart of St Albans following the Canterbury earthquakes.

Edgeware Village Master Plan [PDF, 20 MB]

About the plan

artists impression of Edgeware Village from the Master Plan

Local residents, business owners and property owners, along with government agencies, interest groups and members of the Shirley-Papanui Community Board have worked together on this vision, framework and action plan to guide the recovery and future development of Edgeware Village.

The plan's vision is of a place people enjoy visiting, with:

  • an attractive and compact centre,
  • high quality, locally-owned shops and restaurants, and
  • safe, high amenity, pedestrian-focused streets.

Edgeware Village is lively and enjoyable, reflecting its past cultural landscape and looking to its future, while caring for people and the environment.

Delivering the plan

Since the Master Plan was adopted, work has begun on the implementation of Council-led actions in the Master Plan. Funding was secured for streetscape and movement improvements in the Village and these will be implemented in 2015-2016 once the detailed design is complete. There will be further engagement with the local community and affected businesses, at this time, particularly in connection with the provision of on-street parking in the Village and the detailed design for the proposed major cycleway.

Other actions relating to the provision of beautification projects in the Village and continuation of the case management service for business and property owners working on the repair and rebuild of earthquake-damaged sites have been ongoing.

Plan development process and timeline

date stage actions
April 2012 Project set-up The project set up stage included:
  • assessment of earthquake impacts
  • confirmation of project scope
  • identification of key stakeholders
June 2012 Research and information gathering

Focus group sessions were held with key stakeholders and residents. Sessions identified key issues to be considered in the recovery and rebuild of the Edgeware Village Centre.

July 2012 Design and feasibility testing The Council held a series of “Inquiry by Design” workshops involving technical experts, to find the best ways of addressing issues and suggestions raised by community feedback
August 2012 to February 2013 Prepare draft Master Plan

A master plan was drafted and endorsed by the Community Board. The Council approved the plan for public consultation.

March to April 2013 Consultation

Public consultation was held with the opportunity for residents to make submissions on the draft plan. The feedback on the overall direction, vision and goals presented by the draft Plan was overwhelmingly positive.

May to August 2013 Follow-up investigations

Submissions were analysed. The Council supported the Shirley/Papanui Community Board's recommendation not to hold hearings, in view of the level of community involvement in the public consultation processes and the development of the Plan; together with the strong support given to the Draft Master Plan. Areas of further investigation were identified.

September to December 2013 Revisions to draft Follow-up investigations were undertaken and amendments made to draft plan.
December 2013 Adoption by Council

The final master plan was adopted by the Council at its meeting on 12 December 2013.

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