The Master Plan for New Brighton Centre aims to re-establish the centre as the heart of the community and be the key activity centre for the eastern suburbs. A revitalised, vibrant centre will attract people to ‘live’, ‘work’ and ‘play’ in New Brighton.

New Brighton Centre Master Plan [PDF, 4.1 MB] [PDF 4.1MB]

About the plan

artist's impression of New Brighton CentreThe vision for New Brighton centre is about being fun, creative and relaxed and attracting visitors and tourists whilst meeting the day to day needs of the local community

This Master Plan introduces the ‘big picture’ themes that lead through to the specific actions, to address the main issues of the centre. The big picture themes are:

  1. Consolidation of the commercial area for a more vibrant centre.
  2. Precinct development with mixed uses to improve user experiences.
  3. Reinforced connections through the centre between the river and the sea.
  4. Enhanced circulation and flow of pedestrian and cyclists to and through the centre.

These themes are key drivers that underlie the majority of Master Plan actions. They have the potential to transform the centre’s public and private spaces, and people’s experiences of New Brighton as a centre and destination.

 Delivering the plan

Since the Master Plan was adopted, work has begun on the implementation of Council-led actions. Funding has been secured for streetscape and movement improvements in the New Brighton centre. There will be further engagement with the local community and affected businesses over these improvements, once detailed design work is completed.

Plan development process and timeline

date stage actions
April 2012 Project set-up  Council approved the development of a master plan to support the recovery and rebuild of New Brighton’s commercial centre.
May 2012 Project set-up Technical and other information was gathered, including an assessment of the impact of the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes, and identification of the key stakeholders.
July 2012 Research and information gathering More than 200 people visited the Council-led New Brighton Centre master planning sessions to share their ideas on the recovery and rebuild of their local centre. Business and property owners and the local community came to propose, discuss and identify the community’s values, needs, aspirations and priorities for the redevelopment of New Brighton Centre.
July 2012 Design and feasibility testing An ‘inquiry by design’ workshop was held on 24 July involving Council staff from across the organisation. Council staff including planners, landscape architects, urban designers, and community advisers used their expertise to build on the issues, ideas and aspirations of the community, and to explore opportunities, constraints, and possible implementation methods.
December 2012 Prepare draft Master Plan 

An initial proof of the Draft Master Plan was presented to the Burwood/Pegasus Community Board. The Draft New Brighton Centre Master Plan was approved by the full Council for the community to comment.

December 2012 to February 2013 Consultation

Consultation on the Draft New Brighton Centre Master Plan took place from 17 December - 18 February 2013. A total of 317 submissions were received.

June 2013 Follow-up investigations 

Council approved a study to assess the economic feasibility and revitalisation potential of the proposed Waterpark concept, along with a number of other aquatic development options.

September  2013 Follow-up investigations 

The outcome of the study to asses the Waterpark concept was reported to the September Planning Committee


 October 2013 Follow-up investigations 

The Council considered a report at its meeting on 3 October 2013 that evaluated nine aquatic development options and whether these should be integrated into the Draft New Brighton Centre Master Plan. The options included the ‘Waterpark’ proposal as well as a ‘Village in a Waterpark’ concept, both promoted by members of the community.

The Council agreed to:

  • Consider options for consolidating the commercial zones in New Brighton in accordance with the proposals in the Draft Master Plan.
  • Support in principle the development of a variety of appropriately sized, privately funded attractions and public place-based initiatives.
  • Work with key stakeholders to develop a preferred model of small scale public and private aquatic initiatives (for example, salt water pools, splash pad), together with improvements to the public realm (streetscape), the private realm (landowner and business investment) and funding options.

The above points are a summary and the full text of the Council resolution can be read here.

December 2013 Follow-up investigations 

Council decides to establish a Community Advisory Group (CAG) to aid the completion of the New Brighton Centre Master Plan at its meeting on 12 December.

February 2014 Follow-up investigations 

The Burwood/Pegasus Community Board confirmed the members of a Community Advisory Group

17 July 2014 Revisions to draft

Council approves an all-weather hot saltwater pools complex as the preferred legacy project for New Brighton.

21 July 2014 Revisions to draft

Burwood–Pegasus Community Board recommended the Council considers not holding Hearings of submissions on the Draft New Brighton Master Plan. However, the Board endorsed the inclusion of stakeholder feedback to the Draft Plan, along with Council Officers’ response and proposed amendments, which will provide direction for finalising the New Brighton Master Plan.

31 July 2014 Revisions to draft

The Council supports the recommendation of the Burwood–Pegasus Community Board not to hold hearings.

September 2014 Revisions to draft

Council allocates $5 million to a hot salt water pool ‘legacy’ project at New Brighton.

February 2015 Revisions to draft

The Burwood–Pegasus Community Board met on 2 February to receive a report on the final amendments to the New Brighton Centre Master Plan.

The Board recommended that the amended New Brighton Centre Master Plan be adopted subject to the following amendment:

  • retention of the pedestrianised portion of Seaview Mall and that associated references to a shared space slow street in the longer term be removed from the Master Plan.

Board member, Tim Baker, recorded his vote against the amended motion.

March 2015 Adoption by Council

Council gave the final sign-off on the Master Plan for the recovery and redevelopment of New Brighton’s commercial centre on 12 March 2015.

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