The Master Plan presents a vision for the redevelopment of Sumner Village Centre as a charming and relaxed beachside village.

Design image of Sumner VillageIt was prepared in response to the damage caused to the centre in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. This is the Council's first "community-led" Master Plan, having been guided and supported by the locally-established 'Joint Advisory Group'.

The purpose of the Sumner Village Master Plan [PDF, 7.6 MB] is to guide decision making for private investment and public expenditure. Good progress is being made, with several projects being pursued by both the public and private sector.

March 2016 update

Sumner has been without a permanent library, museum and community centre for the last few years, following the 2010-2011 earthquakes. This is about to change, and the re-building of Sumner community facilities(external link) is programmed to start in July 2016 and be completed by mid-2017. The $10 million facility was designed using a collaborative process, with community representatives providing input throughout the design phase. This project is referred to in the Master Plan as "P4.1 Supporting the heart of the community".

February 2016 update

A key intention of the Master Plan is to slow vehicle speeds through the Village, and to create a safer and more attractive environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and shoppers.

high-level concept

The high-level concept for the scheme shown in the master plan is illustrated

The area included in the project is highlighted by the red line.

As part of the Long Term Plan 2015-2025, the Council allocated $1.5 million to implement a streetscape upgrade through the commercial centre. This project is called "P1.1 Marriner Street-west and Wakefield Ave enhancements" in the Master Plan. A draft design scheme was released for public consultation in 2015, and the Community Board approved the scheme in early 2016.

New surface paving, 'gateway' treatments, footpath widening, landscape plantings will be installed along with new street furniture. Improvements will be made to public transport and cycle infrastructure, and a trial 30km per hour speed zone will be initiated. To provide space for these improvements, a number of on-street car parking spaces will be removed and a bus stop and an existing zebra crossing will be relocated.

View the scheme plan [PDF, 936 KB] that was approved by the Community Board.

This acknowledges the large amount of progress that had been made by Sumner residents, property and business owners on their future aspirations for their suburb following the earthquakes.

March 2015 update

The preparation of a design guidelines [PDF, 2.4 MB] was identified as a short-term priority action in the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan (see action"P6"), and was completed in early 2015. The project responds to local aspirations for more attractive building design and appearance, and a stronger landscape design.

The design guide summarises key elements and qualities of the structures and spaces that contribute to Sumner Village's identity and character. The guide supports site owners and developers to make good design choices which strengthen the quality and appeal of Sumner's natural and built character.

Plan development process and timeline

date stage actions
June 2011 to February 2012 Project set-up The project set up stage included:
  • assessment of earthquake impacts
  • confirmation of project scope
  • identification of key stakeholders

The Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board appointed a Joint Advisory Group (JAG) for Sumner.

The Joint Advisory Group was made up of two representatives from the Community Board, six community representatives from Sumner, and two Council officers. The community representatives were drawn from the Sumner Residents’ Association, the Sumner Urban Design Team, the Sumner Business Association and the Sumner Community Centre.

April 2012 Research and information gathering

Focus group sessions were held with key stakeholders and residents. Sessions built on previous work undertaken the Sumner Urban Design Group and identified key issues to be considered in the recovery and rebuild of the Sumner.

May 2012 Design and feasibility testing The Council held a series of “Inquiry by Design” workshops involving technical experts, to find the best ways of addressing issues and suggestions raised by community feedback
July 2012 Prepare draft Master Plan

Workshops were help with JAG, Community Board and Councillors to discuss preliminary concepts for the draft master plan.

August to October 2012 Consultation

A master plan was drafted, reviewed by the JAG and endorsed by the Community Board. The Council approved the plan for public consultation.

November to December 2012 Follow-up investigations

Public consultation was held with the opportunity for residents to make submissions on the draft plan. The feedback on the overall direction, vision and goals presented by the draft Plan was overwhelmingly positive.

January to May 2013 Revisions to draft

Submissions were analysed. Council endorsed the recommendation of the Community Board and the JAG to not hold formal hearings. Areas of further investigation were identified.

August 2013 Adoption by Council

The final master plan was adopted by the Council.

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