Council, 28 February 2007.

That the following criteria is adopted for the assessing of applications for major assistance to owners of listed buildings:

Conservation principles

1.1 To adopt and promote nationally and internationally accepted conservation principles as set out in the ICOMOS New Zealand Charter.

Heritage research

2.1 To research Christchurch’s heritage buildings, places and objects.

Heritage identification and listing

3.1 To identify heritage buildings, places and objects and list them in the Christchurch City Plan in groups according to their relative importance and the relevant provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991.
3.2 To review the listing of any building, place or object following major alteration or relocation.

Conservation plans

4.1 To prepare conservation plans for all Listed heritage buildings, places and objects in Council ownership and to promote the preparation of conservation plans for all other Listed heritage buildings, places and objects.

Heritage protection

5.1 To provide protection for Listed heritage buildings, places and objects in accordance with the City Plan rules.
5.2 To give notice of requirements for Heritage Orders, in accordance with the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991, as a last resort to protect buildings, places and objects listed in groups 1 and 2 and, in exceptional circumstances, group 3.
5.3 The Council shall provide for and facilitate the use of conservation covenants under section 77 of the Reserves Act 1977 or other legal instruments to protect buildings, places and objects of heritage value listed in the Christchurch City Plan and/or the Banks Peninsula District Plan as applicable.

(Note: The amended criteria would then read:
“With the agreement of the owner of a heritage (or other) property, a covenant shall be registered on a certificate of title to prevent demolition, partial demolition, or to confine the extent of alterations or additions to the property for such periods of time as deemed appropriate.”)

The Building Act 1991

6.1 To administer the Building Act 1991, having regard to the special historical or cultural value of Listed heritage buildings.

Re-use of heritage buildings

7.1 To work with building owners, developers and community groups to find compatible new uses for under-utilised heritage buildings and heritage buildings at risk of demolition.

Conservation incentives

8.1 Refer Attached Heritage Conservation [PDF, 69 KB]
8.2 To waive fees for non-notified resource consent applications for conservation work on Listed heritage buildings, places and objects.
8.3 To provide some rates relief for Listed heritage buildings used by non-profit making groups for games or sports, health, education or instruction, the arts and for churches, schools and charitable institutions generally.
8.4 To provide specialist conservation advice and research to owners of Listed heritage buildings, places and objects, and to employ appropriately qualified consultants to provide such advice as necessary.

Heritage education and promotion

9.1 To promote appreciation of Christchurch’s Listed heritage buildings, places and objects, and the importance of their conservation.

Council, 23 September 1998


Heritage Incentive Grants
10.1 That grant monies for applications for future Heritage Incentive Grants be made available for a period of 18 months from the date of written approval of the grant. This period will only be extended with the written advice of the Council or where grant finance was unavailable for the project at the time of construction or commission.
10.2 Recipients of grants already approved that have not been uplifted are to be notified of the change of policy and be given a reasonable period, at the discretion of the Heritage Planner to uplift the grant, subject to the availability of funds.

Heritage Development Grants
11.1 That only the increase in Council rates due to development investment identified with heritage maintenance, conservation or preservation are considered when the yearly value of the Development Grant is determined.
11.2 That the amount of a grant for a development be determined as detailed in the Heritage Development Grant Policy and conditions for the initial year and shall be fixed as the yearly grant provision for the remaining four years that the grant applies.
11.3 That the grant is calculated only with respect to the Council component of the total yearly increase in rates for the re-development of the property.
11.4 That additional financial commitment be considered in the annual budget for 2003/04 and subsequent years to meet future grants requirements.

Conservation covenants
12.1 That the compulsory requirement for a full conservation covenant under section 77 of the Reserves Act 1977 or other legal instrument be applied to all heritage incentive grants of $50,000 or more.
12.2 That grants of $5,000 to $49,999 be subject to a limited conservation covenant under section 77 of the Reserves Act 1977 or other legal instrument that the owner(s) will not demolish or apply for a consent for demolition of the protected heritage item within a period of time to be negotiated with the building owner(s).
12.3 Notwithstanding paragraph 12.2 of this policy, if the Heritage Covenant Officers Subcommittee considers it appropriate in the circumstances relating to a particular property or grant and where ordinarily paragraph 12.2 would apply, the requirement of paragraph 12.2 for a limited conservation covenant may be departed from in respect of that particular property or grant and a full conservation covenant required. In exercising this discretion the Subcommittee shall have regard to the following criteria:

  1. Whether the heritage property is assessed as being of international, national, or regional importance.
  2. Whether the property has high heritage values in relation to individual criteria for heritage listing including consideration of the community esteem for the place.
  3. Whether the potential degree and type of risk associated with the heritage property necessitates protection of all the individual heritage features of the place.
  4. The amount of the approved heritage conservation grant.

Council, 26 September 2002

Revised by Council, 7 December 2006

Revised Council, 28 February 2007