Central Library

New Central Library - view from the Square

The New Central Library will foster life-long learning and be the place for information, inspiration and entertainment.

The Central Library in the Square

The five storey library will sit on the northern edge of Cathedral Square beside the Convention Centre and Performing Arts Precinct.


Located on the northern edge of the Square, the Library will integrate with both the Convention Centre Precinct and the Performing Arts Precinct.

Role of Christchurch’s New Central Library

The New Central Library has a special place in the city library network.

Central Library history

Three temporary libraries have served the Central City since the 2011 earthquakes closed the old building in Gloucester Street.

New Central Library design

Christchurch’s New Central Library design was inspired by the Port Hills and the native Harakeke flax that once grew in the area.

How we used your ideas

More than 2400 ideas collected during the "Your Library, Your Voice" campaign played a big part in the design of the New Central Library

Unique features

The New Central Library will have new spaces, equipment and programmes not found in traditional libraries.

Gallery of images

Artist's impressions of the New Central Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the New Central Library.